From: Chavent Mathieu (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2013 - 12:56:24 CDT

Dear VMD users/developers,

  I have a little question about the graphics command line. I am storing graphics info using the command line:

  set graph_prim [graphics $molid info $element_id]

  Then I would like to reuse this value to recreate the primitive later. To do this I tried:

   graphics $molid $graph_prim

  I obtain the error: graphics: not enough parameters

  So, I understand that tcl/vmd code cannot interpret the information in the variable $graph_prim but I cannot find a simple way to fix this problem. My final goal is to hide/show a primitive when I am clicking on a list - like the list in the graphical representations window - :
When I click on the list I replace the graphical element by a phantom primitive when I click again I would like to recreate the primitive using the info stored. Maybe my idea is not the good one so if you have another solution I am also interested.

     Thank you very much in advance!

       Best Regards,