From: Dave Schall (
Date: Mon May 13 2013 - 15:20:24 CDT


I am trying to visualize results from a simulation where charge is a
dynamic variable. I am using coordinate and charge data output from a
LAMMPS dump command. The lammps trj file loads no problem into vmd, and I
can color atoms by charge, but I don't see the charges varying frame to
frame (and they are varying, I checked). I checked the "update colors every
frame" box as well. I seem to recall you need some sort of tcl script if
you want to update charge for every frame. I have an old script that works
for pdb files but I am not sure exactly where to start modifying the script
to read a lammps trj file. Can anybody point me towards a solution?



J. David Schall, Assistant Professor
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Oakland University
130 DHE, Rochester, MI 48309