From: Dmitry A Kondrashov (dkon_at_U.Arizona.EDU)
Date: Mon Nov 24 2003 - 16:42:10 CST

Hi folks,
I have a problem with using the vmdmovie GUI on the new version of Mac OS
(10.3). The script seems to load fine with the following commands and
package require vmdmovie 1.0
vmd > vmdmovie

The GUI window appears, but all the menus (Render, Movie Settings,
etc.) get stuck whenever one is open - there is no way to change anything
or close the menu. If one chooses to render a movie with the default
settings (screen capture, rock and roll), it does seem to go through the
process, but then the file(s) are not there in the directory where it
says... So I am lost and would much appreciate some advice. Thank you,