From: Gavin Melaugh (
Date: Fri Feb 08 2013 - 06:55:05 CST

Hi All,

I have been using VMD for the last 3 years to analyse trajectories from
molecular simulations.

Recently I have started a new project looking at the population dynamics of
bacterial growth. Since I am used to using VMD I was wondering the following:

1) Can I load xyz configuration files into VMD, in which the number of
(bacterial cells) is different in each configuration file.

2) Also if 1) can be achieved, is there also a way of defining the radius of
each individual particle. The output from my simulation gives xyz
files with the following format

agent x y z radius

I can generate movies from the simulations but I just find that I can
not interact with them in the way that I am used to.

Many Thanks in Advance


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