From: BIO MED (
Date: Thu Sep 13 2012 - 03:12:30 CDT


after loading a protein, I get this:

>Main< (initial) 1 % listall()
invalid command name "listall()"


how do I generate a full report of the molecule I have loaded?

list of all atoms
numbers of each atom
positions of each atom
each bond
numbers of each bond


PS1: I found what is problematic imo with the tutorial: you cannot read it in parts, you have to go through it from the begining. It should have hyperlinks of terms in each page, pointing to their reference, so that a reader would read a page in the middle of the tutorial and be able to understand everything (after visiting the hyperlinks of the terms he doesnt know).
PS2: Btw, what's the whole point of having both tutorials and manuals? I mean, come on, just make a well organized file and let it be single!