From: Nidhi Jatana (
Date: Tue Jul 24 2012 - 04:53:48 CDT

Dear Sir/Madam
This is Nidhi Jatana, working as Senior Research Fellow,
Bioinformatics Center, Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi.
I am running simulations on a membrane protein using Desmond and I
want to convert the trajectories and energy file (.ene file) to those
compatible with Gromacs. How can I do it using VMD?

And also, I want to know is there any way to calculate area/lipid in
VMD for the entire trajectory?

Thanking you


Nidhi Jatana
Senior Research Fellow
Bioinformatics Center
Sri Venkateswara College
(University of Delhi)
Dhaula Kuan
New Delhi-110021.