From: Chris Harrison (
Date: Wed Feb 29 2012 - 21:35:28 CST

What do you mean the position is "not correct?" Please be more specific.
 The protein is too high/low in the membrane; the protein is at an
incorrect angle to the membrane's normal axis; there's a big gap of lipids
between protein and the membrane that floods with water; etc ....

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 3:33 PM, Albert <> wrote:

> Hello:
> I've superimposed my homology models with related OPM protein. And now I
> would like to embed my protein to pre-equilibrated membrane POPE from
> But I found that the position is not correct for the membrane.... Does
> anybody have any idea how to do it? I am going to use CHARMM36 based POPE
> for my aligned protein.

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