From: SAPAY Nicolas 232321 (
Date: Wed Nov 30 2011 - 10:20:52 CST


I want to render a Renderman scene (.rib file) with a focus on a particular part of my scene. In Renderman, this is controlled by the DepthOfField command which accepts as options the aperture number, the focal length and the focal distance. The focal length can be obtained with the display command:

display get focallength

But I still need to calculate the focal distance, i.e. the distance along the direction of the view at which objects will be in focus. Im my case, this should be the distance between the VMD camera and the (geometrical) center of my scene. Is there a way to get the camera position (in VMD coordinates)? I also wonder what is the correspondance between the VMD coordinates and the RIB file coordinates. Do they are the same?


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