From: maria goranovic (
Date: Wed Aug 17 2011 - 04:05:19 CDT

Dear List,

I am labeling aa residues in my pdb file in VMD. Is it possible for me to
modify the %R%d label, such that I can do some arithmetic on the residue
number? For example, I want ARG220 to be shown as ARG228 by using something
like %R%(d+8). To make the problem simpler, can I add 8 to all my residue
numbers in the labels without modifying the original pdb file or the
trajectory? This is useful because in a simulation, residue numbering may
start from 1 even though the residue numbering does not start from 1 in the
original pdb

I could not find any previous posts on the list about this,

Thank you

Maria G.
Technical University of Denmark