From: Julia Doh (
Date: Wed Mar 16 2011 - 13:45:31 CDT


I recently wrote a script that calculates all the residues in a protein
within the maximum y value and the number of angstroms the user inputs. I
have been using the TCL callback vmd_logfile to have the program update
automatically whenever the molecule is rotated. However, the procedure is
executed with every single rotate statement that appears in the vmd_logfile
when the protein is rotated. This makes the whole thing run far too slow to
be useful and we are only interested in the top residues of the new
orientation, not all the orientations in between.

I was using the callbacks in the VMD manual ( to look at the
available callbacks but I was wondering if there were any more? Are there
any that listen for mouse events, such as a mouse-release upon rotating the
protein? If not, suggestions on better callbacks we can use would be

Thank you,