From: Jun Cheng (
Date: Fri Mar 11 2011 - 04:42:34 CST

Hi all,
I am trying to use vmd movie generator to make a movie to visualize a
MD trajectory. I have tried different renderers without success so
I first used snapshot, and got garbled .ppm images, probably because
of the problem Linux OpenGL video drivers (My OS is ubuntu), as
explained in the vmdmovie webpage.
Then, I installed povray, and ended up with the error: Parse error:
degenerate cylinder, base point = apex point, which is apparently a
very old problem after digging in the mailing list. This leaves me the
only hope, tachyon. I do get a movie at the end after a long wait.
However, the bond length labels (I intend to monitor the bond lengths
changing along the MD run) are mysteriously missing.
Can anyone help me here? Many thanks in advance