From: Steven S Plotkin (
Date: Wed Nov 03 2010 - 08:25:15 CDT


I want to run vmd from the terminal on my macbook pro like I've done on
my linux workstation. I'm new to the mac so apologies for the basic

I have downloaded VMD 1.8.7 and dragged the icon to the applications
folder. I can open vmd by simply double clicking the applications folder
icon, and view molecules.

However I there is no terminal vmd command that links to the executable.

I've found some threads on the list that are related, e.g. but
these don't seem to answer my specific question.

By control-clicking on the "VMD 1.8.7" icon in the Applications folder,
and going to Show package contents -> Contents/MacOS/ , I see there is
both a startup.command file and a startup.command.csh file. I think
these somehow have to be linked or aliased to "vmd" at the terminal
prompt, but I'm not sure how or which file. Again sorry for the basic