From: Jennifer Williams (
Date: Wed Apr 21 2010 - 05:57:11 CDT


I am using tachyon to get high quality still pictures by generating a
.dat file, changing the render numbers and then typing this command in
the window

"N:/myhome/VMD1.8.7/tachyon_WIN32.exe" -aasamples 12 plot01.dat
-format -o plot01.tga

This gives great images but now I am stuck on generating movies as I
don?t seem to have much choice when using the movie-maker and am
clueless at scripting. I need a movie file in .mpg or .avi for
submission to a journal (and not bigger than 10MB).

Whenever I choose tachyon as the renderer within the movie maker I get
frames generated in .dat which I can?t do anything with and when I use
tachyon internal the files are automatically written in .bmp. I can?t
seem to get my frames in targa or any format other than .bmp.

Is there a script command which could give me high quality snapshots in .tga?

If I continue with my frames in .bmp and generate a movie in videomach
the image quality is very poor (I do this via preview movie and select
the highest quality (fast 400x400). TO avoid this I have been using
convert in unix to stick frames together but this won't give me a mpg
or avi file!

Can anyone give me some advice or a script line similar to the one
above which would work on a whole trajectory rather than a single



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