From: Wallace Dumars (
Date: Fri Mar 05 2010 - 15:53:01 CST


I am a new user to VMD. I am currently reading and working
through the tutorials entitled "Using VMD", "VMD Images
and Movies", and "Bionanotechnology Tutorial" in order to
obtain a better understanding of VMD.

However, before I proceed, I was wondering if I could gain some
assistance with a basic question.

My question involves how to load coordinate data into VMD and
create movies using this data.

I have trajectory data (x, y, and z coordinate data as a function of
time) that I would like to "load" into VMD and make a movie of
the movement of my structure.

So, just imagine a particle bead interacting with a surface of beads.

I have the coordinates of the surface and the coordinates of the particle
as a function of time, now I want to make a movie of the trajectory.
(I do not have a .pdb file of either my particle bead nor of my surface. I
  just have coordinates).

However, I am a little confused about how to do this (of if this can
be done at all).

Upon first glance (although I am not too sure how to do this) it appears
that I would have to write a script, using the graphics commands, to draw
my "scene" at every instance in time and then use those frames to create
the movie.

Am I thinking about this correctly or is there another solution to my

Thanks again for your time and assistance,