Date: Wed Oct 21 2009 - 00:21:57 CDT

I would like to make an animation with the camera rotating around the
z-axis (and not its own axis).

I've just checked the two camera navigation plugins and have a few questions:

# R G M iG -> rotates around the REAL Z axis going through origin

# puts "C = [lindex [molinfo top get center_matrix] 0]"
# puts "R = [lindex [molinfo top get rotate_matrix] 0]"
# puts "S = [lindex [molinfo top get scale_matrix ] 0]"
# puts "T = [lindex [molinfo top get global_matrix ] 0]"
> R G M iG ...this line sounds like what I want to do, is it a series of matrix
multiplications, with G as the global_matrix ???

What is the global_matrix in this, exactly?
Can I check that:
- rotate_matrix is rotation around coordinates defined by center_matrix.
- scale matrix is zoom... but what do the relevant numbers mean?

Camera axis: Can I directly obtain the relationship of its axis with the
molecule axis? E.g. a translation/rotation matrix?