From: Roman Petrenko (
Date: Thu Oct 15 2009 - 17:14:10 CDT

Dear VMD-nity,
would it be nice to include a pop-up window with a
reminder/advertisement of vmd/namd mailing list subscription after the
installation of vmd is complete? In that window there would be a
friendly note, saying:

"Welcome a new user. Thank you for choosing VMD/NAMD. As a reward we
give you a chance to join a group of highly experienced users by
subscribing to our mailing lists. Once you read VMD/NAMD user guides
you can post your own questions."

Or, maybe, this note should be posted in big red font on the download web page.

This might increase the number of _active_ users and decrease the
number of _silly_ questions. For some people (like me) it took half a
year to find out that such lists _exist_ and another year to figure
out _what_ to post on mailing list.

Comments are welcome.

Roman Petrenko
Physics Department
University of Cincinnati