From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Jul 27 2009 - 16:39:45 CDT

  I have a bunch of GPU benchmark scripts I would be happy to share with
you, but at present I'm preoccupied getting the final release of VMD 1.8.7
out the door. I'll be happy to help you benchmark your machine after the
new version of VMD is released. If you and others would find it convenient,
I could probably make several benchmark scripts/datasets available on the
VMD CUDA info page when I have time.

  John Stone

On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 04:20:28PM -0500, luc Renambot wrote:
> Hello,
> I just got a new Linux system with 4 Nvidia GPUs (and eventually 6 of
> them, 9800 GT 1GB RAM). I'd like to benchmark it.
> I got VMD installed and it recognize all the GPUs. Nice !
> But I couldn't find on the web site a file or a benchmark to stress test
> my new system.
> Would anybody like to share such a file or script ?
> I'd be happy to share results and configuration if anybody is interested.
> Thanks,
> --
> Luc.

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