From: Randall Hall (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 12:37:35 CST

Hello, I am trying to visualize a simulation in which i use the OCC field
of a pdb file to color code the atoms. The color coding is to change from
one frame to another in the animation. I read in the molecule and use the
occ to color the atoms and all is fine for the first frame. the second
frame, however, appears to retain the OCC info from the first frame, as the
colors do not change. i have used the color panel to move the midpoints,
etc. for coloring and still no change. does vmd only use the first frame to
get the OCC info? If so, can I accomplish what I want to do using some trick?
a sample file is below:

COMPNDGlass 256 -4.3686097
ATOM 1 Ar 1 -4.500 4.760 -5.446 0.33 3.40
ATOM 2 Ar 2 -7.753 -4.286 -7.383 0.94 2.30
COMPNDGlass 256 -9.7700695
ATOM 1 Ar 1 -4.610 5.007 -5.649 0.91 2.40
ATOM 2 Ar 2 -8.060 -4.577 -7.967 0.12 2.90

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