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Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 12:09:39 CDT

On Wed, 2009-05-20 at 17:34 +0100, Florentina Tofoleanu wrote:


> I'm using this script to calculate it, but I'm getting the same value
> for each of the frames:
> mol load pdb X.pdb
> mol load psf X.psf
> mol load dcd X.dcd

this is deprecated syntax and you may not get
the desired result, since each load will create
a new molecules and thus the selections referring
to molecule 0 will only refer to the .pdb file which
has only one frame, whereas the referring to the top
molecule will give you the number of frames of the
dcd file.

what you want to do instead is:

set mol [mol new X.psf type psf waitfor all]
mol addfile X.dcd type dcd waitfor all molid $mol

> set outfile [open com.dat w];
> set numframes [molinfo top get numframes];
> set refA [atomselect 0 "chain A and not hydrogen"]
> set refB [atomselect 0 "chain B and not hydrogen"]

and this should become:

set numframes [molinfo $mol get numframes]
set refA [atomselect $mol "chain A and not hydrogen"]
set refB [atomselect $mol "chain B and not hydrogen"]

> for {set frame 0} {$frame < $numframes} {incr frame} {
> $refA frame $frame
> $refB frame $frame
> $refA update
> $refB update

the update is not needed (only if you use "within"
or selections based on position in space).

> set com1 [measure center $refA weight mass]
> set com2 [measure center $refB weight mass]

> lappend simdata [veclength [vecsub $com1 $com2]]
this is probably not what you want, too, as it will
put all COM values in one line

more likely you want:

puts $outfile "$frame [veclength [vecsub $com1 $com2]]"

> }

...and get rid of this line.

> puts $outfile “$simdata”;

> close $outfile

> I've read the messages posted before related to this issue, but can't
> really find the problem with this script. Could someone please show me
> what's wrong with it and help me correcting it?

which is hopefully done.


> Regards,
> Florentina
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