From: Robert Mullen (
Date: Sun Feb 22 2009 - 17:35:46 CST

VMD exits immediately after starting

Just a comment on a recent experience with VMD 1.8.6 on a windows xp
notebook that may save others with the same problem.

I installed VMD a six months ago on a Dell Core Duo notebook and it
functioned well. After not using it for several months, I started the
VMD program and it immediately flashed the command screen and then
exited. I removed and reinstalled it without any change in behavior. I
then ran it with a process monitor (from system internals) that records
all system calls. The VMD program seemed to start up without errors and
then exit with a condition code of zero. In frustration, I started to
kill other processes running on the computer. When a program associated
with an envision USB cam that I installed a few months ago
(Fixcamera.exe) was terminated, the VMD program return to is normal
function. I used a debugger program to examine what FixCamera.exe was
doing. It look in the regristry for the “software/Windows/current/run”
registry key entries as well as looking at the current tasks running on
the computer. I believe that Fixcamera.exe is a program that will
terminate other USB camera drivers that may be running. It must identify
VMD one of these programs. Removing the Fixcamera.exe program solved my
problem with VMD

Bob Mullen