From: bo baker (
Date: Fri Jan 16 2009 - 05:12:34 CST

Dear VMD:

I installed VMD-1.8.6 with Fedora 8. The install went OK . But when I
try run vmd, here is the message:

[Yang_at_localhost ~]$ ./vmd
bash: ./vmd: No such file or directory

I then check where is vmd:

[Yang_at_localhost ~]$ which vmd
[Yang_at_localhost ~]$ whereis vmd
vmd: /usr/local/bin/vmd /usr/local/lib/vmd

Based on vmd install instruction, one needs to edit the configure file
to the path.

# Directory where VMD startup script is installed, should be in users' paths.

# Directory where VMD files and executables are installed

Why can't I keep as it is? I am happy with path as "/usr/local/bin"

Not sure if this causes problem. If so, I will need to reinstall vmd.
How can uninstall vmd in linux? I use Fedora 8.

Thank you for your advice