From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Mon Jan 05 2009 - 10:44:03 CST

On Mon, 5 Jan 2009, Maxim Paliy wrote:

MP> Dear VMD experts,
MP> I wonder where one can find the list of
MP> all the keywords specifying the file type during loading
MP> via mol load or animate read


please note that both, mol load and animate read
are deprecated commands and that you should use
mol new and mol addfile instead.

MP> I try to load amber7 files like this
MP> mol load parm my.prmtop
MP> or, alternatively with "parm7", butr it gives me errors
MP> "Unable to load structure file"

you should be able to load this as type parm7 if it is
in fact a correctly formatted amber 7 (and later) parmtop
file. can amber handle the very same file correctly?
are you certain that the file did not get corrupted somehow?

can you load it from the GUI?

if not, you'd have to make the file available for testing
(e.g. by uploading it to the VMD Public BioCoRE project's
BioFS area) so that somebody can have a closer look.

MP> Thank you in advance for your suggestions,
MP> Maxim

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