Date: Sat Sep 20 2008 - 23:14:50 CDT

Hi Axel and others,

first we used the env VMDSIMPLEGRAPHICS=1 vmd to launch vmd . it could
load a mollecule(small xyz file) . but then the machine got hung.

then we installed the latest nvidea graphics driver from their site. now
we can load a molecule with or without env VMDSIMPLEGRAPHICS=1 option.

but , only that, then the machine becomes slow and finally got hung. top
shows that vmd_linux uses 99.9 % of cpu.

we also ran with -debug (env VMDSIMPLEGRAPHICS=1 vmd -debug) option. however
gdb does not show any error message.

if i want to reinstall vmd, how to uninstall vmd?
we are using linux opengl version (vmd-1.8.6.bin.LINUX.opengl.tar.gz)
is it correct version for intel xeon processor based 64 bit machine?

 shiladitya sengupta

> On Fri, 19 Sep 2008, wrote:
> SS> Hello friends,
> SS>
> SS> we recently installed vmd 1.8.6 in a workstation.
> SS>
> SS> typing vmd on the terminal , successfully launches the vmd windows. SS>
> SS> but then the machine gets hung up. neither mouse nor keyboard works
> the
> SS> only way to get back to normal condition seems to reboot.
> that sounds a lot like a buggy or misconfigured graphics driver.
> please see the linux release notes on the VMD homepage for a list of
known problems and workarounds. for starters, i would suggest to try
launching VMD with: env VMDSIMPLEGRAPHICS=1 vmd
> that will turn off most of the advanced features in the OpenGL support.
> SS> i tried to ssh login from a remote machine and killed the process
> SS> even after the process got killed , the vmd windows remain (hung up
> SS>
> SS> it is a 64 bit machine.
> SS> the os is redhat enterprise linux (2.6.9-22.ELsmp).
> also please make sure that you have the latest updates for your
> OS and the graphics driver. sometime, updates of the OS overwrite parts
of the graphics driver and a re-install of the driver is
> required.
> cheers,
> axel.
> SS>
> SS> the following is the startup message in the vmd-console :
> SS>
> SS> Info) Please include this reference in published work using VMD: SS>
Info) Humphrey, W., Dalke, A. and Schulten, K., `VMD - Visual SS>
Info) Molecular Dynamics', J. Molec. Graphics 1996, 14.1, 33-38.
> SS> ------------------------------------------------------------- Info)
SS> Multithreading available, 8 CPUs detected.
> SS> Info) Free system memory: 7750MB (97%)
> SS> Info) OpenGL renderer: Quadro FX 1700/PCI/SSE2
> SS> Full GLSL rendering mode is available.
> SS> Info) Textures: 2-D (8192x8192), 3-D (2048x2048x2048),
> (4)
> SS> vmd >
> SS>
> SS>
> SS> please help.
> SS>
> SS> regards,
> SS>
> SS> shiladitya sengupta
> SS>
> SS>
> SS>
> SS>
> SS>
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