From: Shay Amram (
Date: Mon Sep 15 2008 - 11:42:00 CDT



I would like to write a script for VMD that will rotate a given molecule and
take snapshot for each rotation.

While making the rotation script was rather trivial, the snapshot bit is
quite troublesome for me:

I want to use tachyon render to get a high quality snapshot of each
rotation, but I'm at a loss, since I can't seem to pass on the tachyon
arguments I need through the script.


Tried to pass something like:


Render Tachyon filename


render Tachyon Myicture "-mediumshade -format BMP -aasamples 4 -o


But all I got was a file in some unfamiliar format. I know this is probably
not the way to call the tachyon command but I really tried (and couldn't)
find too much documentation how I should pass along the tachyon arguments.

The output I want could be BMP or JPG. I'm can use either Linux or Windows
version of VMD. So my questions are:

How can I have tachyon make snapshots as part of Tcl script?

How do I pass it's command line arguments through the script?

Can you refer me to proper documentation in that regard?


Thanks in advance,