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Date: Mon Aug 04 2008 - 15:57:41 CDT

On Mon, 4 Aug 2008, Claw Isthelaw wrote:

CI> Hello all,

CI> I'm posting this for my coworker, Chuanyin Shi, who for some reason,
CI> is unable to post to the forum.


to post here, one has to use _exactly_ the same e-mail address
that one is subscribed with. the list processor silently drops
all mails that do not match (lots of spam).

CI> Thanks,
CI> Jeff
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CI> Hello, All
CI> I was trying to embed 3d image into powerpoint.
CI> I followed the instruction of making 3d image into acrobat 3d (saved as .pdf).
CI> And I can rotate it and do simple modifications in acrobat reader.
CI> But the problem is when in powerpoint, I click on the embed 3d button and do selection,
CI> it won't let me select the .pdf file which contain the 3d structure.
CI> There's no such extension (.pdf) supported.
CI> So how can I really embed that into the powerpoint if I cannot select it?

that would rather be a problem of powerpoint and whether
it can embed pdf files.

i would try some powerpoint support forum, if that exists
(i don't use it, so i wouldn't know).


CI> Thanks for your help in advance.
CI> Chuanyin Shi
CI> Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
CI> Old Dominion University
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