From: Esben A. Gad (
Date: Wed Jun 25 2008 - 06:42:53 CDT

Okay, so, I didn't do my homework properly.

It turns out that I was trying to run the NAMD 64bit binary for our
cluster locally on a 32 bit machine, through the NAMDenergy VMD plugin.
Apparently, that gave the "(" error message. It went away, once i
downloaded a prebuild 32 bit binary and pointed to this instead.

Secondly, the trick suggested to me in which I load my molecule with a PSF
that VMD likes, then point the path to a PSF that NAMD likes before
running NAMDenergy works beautifully.

Thanks again for the suggestions

- Esben A. Gad

Esben A. Gad
Graduate student, Protein Design
Novozymes, Denmark