From: Axel Kohlmeyer (
Date: Sun Apr 13 2008 - 15:00:12 CDT

On Sun, 13 Apr 2008, Cojocaru,Vlad wrote:

VC> Hi Alex,
VC> Thanks for replying !!

VC> I had openSuse 10.0 and upgraded to the new 10.3 (on Athlon 64,
VC> 3500+)... I have just seen that all the checkout files were
VC> executables on my machine after checkout with cvs following exactly
VC> the recipe on the VMD web site ... I cannot explain why all files
VC> were executables if by default the permissions are preserved ...

probably because they were checked in like this...
i checked my checkout and most, but not all files are executable.
it never made a difference in compiling, so...

VC> Regarding my second question, I think you misunderstood ... I first
VC> downloaded the binaries for vmd-1.8.7a19 ... And with these binaries
VC> I had the python problem ... After seeing the problem (and having

well, since you have suse and john is compiling on red hat, i'm not
surprised that there may be (small) differences. you'd have to install
_his_ compile of the python parts. if i remember correctly, he is not
building with tcl 8.5 (not 8.4), on top of that...

with the diversity of distributions and the ways how people install
(or mutilate) them, the only way to have a binary consistent with your
distribution is to compile yourself. :-(

VC> the problem so many times before with vmd versions earlier than
VC> 1.8.6) I thought that the simple solution is just to compile vmd and
VC> as I did it before I should be able to do it again ... And that's
VC> when I downloaded the code from CVS
VC> I did not do the compilation yet ...

good luck,

VC> bets wishes
VC> vlad

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