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Date: Mon Mar 31 2008 - 04:01:53 CDT

On Sun, 30 Mar 2008, SWAPNA wrote:

SL> Hi all,

hi swapna,

SL> I am new to vmd and I have a problem viewing the vmd filetypes.

if you are new to VMD you should have a close look at
the documentation (user's guide and tutorials).

SL> The file is porcupine_1.vmd

so where did you get the file from? was it created by VMD?
if yes, it could be a saved state file and then you need
to load it from the corresponding dialog:

since saved states are vmd script files and reference other
(moleculare geometry and structure) files, you have to have
those available as well.

SL> I open the file and ask it load the file.
SL> It says 'please select a filetype'.
SL> I dont see a vmd filetype in the options there.
SL> I tried using automatically select the filetype.It doesn't work.

this is because you are using the dialog for molecular geometry
and structure files and .vmd is not such a type of file.

SL> Somebody please tell me how to view a *.vmd file.

if nothing else helps, you can always try to have a look
using a text editor. that will give you a first hint.

SL> I am working on windows.
that is your problem, but lucky for you has nothing to do
with the problem here. ;-)


SL> Thanks!!
SL> Swapna

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