From: Utpal Sarkar (
Date: Thu Mar 27 2008 - 11:20:03 CDT

Dear VMD users,
                         I am creating movie with VMD. I am trying to see
the XYZ-coordinate or Origin (0,0,0) of my sytem in the movie. But the
origin is VMD shows most probable not the true origin of the system, most
probably the system traslated (I am not quite sure though). Form the *.XYZ
file which I use to make the movie, I know that my system is 3.5 Angs. away
from the XY plane. This origin is the original Origin (0,0,0) with respect
to the coordinates I feed to VMD through the *.XYZ file. So how can I see
the Origin or XYZ- axis (with respect to the coordinate of my system) when I
am creating the movie?

Thanking you in advance