From: Alba Colet Subirachs (
Date: Thu Mar 06 2008 - 03:16:25 CST

I am doing a research with the 3D stereo of VMD-1.8.6 in a Debian. Anybody knows if the device "PW240 3D LCD" display works in VMD? What hardware allows the stereo of VMD and which kind of crystal eyes?

Description of PW240 3D LCD display (more information at
No flickering! A clear and bright 3D picture! Turn your current PC into a real 24" 3D visualization workstation!
The new 3D monitor from Arisawa is based on a high resolution 24" LCD monitor that works in both 2D and 3D without any switching. Real 3D stereo content is displayed using Xpol filter technology combined with light weight, polarized (passive), stereo glasses. The resolution in full 2D mode is 1920 horizontally and 1200 vertically. In 3D mode, when using the polarized glasses, the vertical resolution is half the full resolution.
The new display comes bundled with TriDef 3D Experience, Tridef Media Player, TriDef DVD Player, TriDef Visualizer OpenGL for Google Earth and TriDef Visualizer DirectX for popular PC games.

Alba Colet Subirachs

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