From: Arienti, Marco UTRC (
Date: Tue Feb 26 2008 - 11:18:37 CST

I am bit puzzled by what box information VMD reads when parsing two
separate LAMMPS trajectory files (both generated with dump_modify no
scale), for atoms A and B. The intent is to have atoms of A partially
overlapping a substrate of atoms B. However, while the first lines of
the LAMMPS files describe two boxes with the same extension, overlapping
does not happen in VMD. In fact, the actual coordinates that I see in
VMD seem to be expressed in a completely different sets of units.
What am I doing wrong? The LAMMPS version dates to Jun 2007 (can't
change that). Also, I cannot change the fact that the two sets of atom
come from two different files. The VMD version is 1.8.6
Thank you
Marco Arienti