From: C L Freeman (
Date: Wed Feb 06 2008 - 10:10:30 CST


I'm currently trying to use vmd to visualise a system composed of some 28,000
calcite atoms with a protein/water mix of some 75,000 atoms so a total system
of 103,000 atoms. vmd returns an error when I try and load the pdb file to
view this structure I get an error claiming some of my atoms have exceeded the
maximum number of bonds. Now I know this is not the case as I can load the two
structures indepently with no problems as none of the atoms have more than 4
bonds. If I try to load one structure and then the other I then get the

"Incorrect number of atoms (the number of atoms in the file)"

This suggests to me that there may be some issue with regard to the number of
atoms allowed? Is there a parameter I can change to account for this?