From: MW Van der Kamp, School of Chemistry (
Date: Fri Feb 01 2008 - 09:21:20 CST

Hello all,

A quick question.
I was reading in the user guide about the measure command
As one of the options, it lists 'bond':
bond atom_list [options]: Returns the distance of the two specified atoms

However, when I run vmd-1.8.5, this option doesn't seem to exist.
(It is not included in the list that comes up when just entering 'measure')

So, am I right in thinking this option is not available in vmd-1.8.5, and
the best option is to use something like

label add Bonds <index> <index>
label graph Bonds <output>

to measure distances instead?
Does the 'measure bond' option work in vmd-1.8.6?

PS I think there's a little error in the user guide under 'measure bond';
in the examples of usage, it is said that 'measure bond {3 5}' returns the
bond *energy*, not the distance...
Marc van der Kamp, PhD-student
School of Chemistry, Research group of Dr. Adrian Mulholland
University of Bristol