From: Justin JEONG (
Date: Sun Jan 27 2008 - 16:32:03 CST

  I am learning VMD with the tutorial.
  The tutorial that I am reffering to is located in
  However, I cannot found something in this toturial, the move procedure.
  In the tutorial, it appeared as "However, to simplify matters some options have been added to the selection to deal with movements (these commands are also implemented in C++ and are much faster than the Tcl versions). These functions are moveby, moveto, and move. The first two take a position vector and the last takes a transformation matrix."
  I could moveby which is located in the VMD directory. /scripts/vmd/geom_center.tcl, but I cannot find moveto and move.
  Could anyone tell me where these procedures are located or how I can get this TCL scripts?
  Thank you.

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