From: John Stone (
Date: Thu Oct 04 2007 - 23:39:34 CDT

  VMD doesn't presently read the time information from DCD files, so
it won't be able to help you with this yet. You can determine this
by writing some code however. In a few weeks I'll have had an opportunity
to look into adding this to the VMD DCD plugin, and I might be able to
give you a version that can report these values, as it was something on
my TODO list already anyway.

  John Stone

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 05:44:13AM -0700, Alessio Alexiadis wrote:
> Hi
> I'm working with some .dcd files I made long time ago and I lost record of the time step between two consecutive frames. Is there the way to extract this information from the .dcd file and, if yes, which is the unit?
> Thanks for your help
> Alessio
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