From: Audrey Salazar (
Date: Fri Sep 14 2007 - 08:59:48 CDT

I have two quick (I hope) questions about plugins in VMD that I hope someone
could answer. The network administrator hopes to compile VMD on our cluster
and in order to know how to respond to some questions he posed, I have two
questions for the VMD listserv. I would appreciate any guidance that the
VMD community might be able to provide.

1) If I were to decide at a later date that a plugin that I did not
originally install is required for my work, would I need to recompile VMD in
order to properly install the plugin?

2) Are there any plugins that are installed by default with VMD? I haven't
seen a mention of it, but perhaps, I haven't looked in the right place.

Thank you in advance,


Audrey L. Salazar
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