From: Alexander Farley (
Date: Sun Sep 08 2002 - 09:44:58 CDT


        I also had trouble compiling the CVS version of Chromium until I
switched the most recent Mesa-4 include files (OpenGL 1.3 compliant) and
the latest g++ compiler and library (3.2) (STLport should also work, but
I do not know enough about programming to fool Chromium into using the
STLport library instead of g++).
        I am not sure if VMD works with Chromium yet, as the program seems
compilcated and I have not had enough time to really figure it out.
Though there seem to be a lot of messages on the Chromium mailing list
about VMD problems. However, this program seems to be amazing and I
can't wait to really sit down and get it running with some OpenGL
programs. Chromium should be really good once the XFree86 DMX
(distributed multi-head) program is finished and integrated into the
main XFree86 package.

Alex Farley