From: Paul Grayson (
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 17:08:19 CDT

Marc Baaden <> writes:
> - is it possible to color the generated surface eg via the
> B-factor field (.. or other options) ?

There's no option for it, but you could fairly easily modify the
script to do the coloring any way you want. Take a look at it, and if
you have trouble understanding what to change, we could give you some

> Is there a way to improve representation of the 'outliers'
> or if not eventually remove them (other than just excluding
> those points manually)

The script automatically removes triangles from the surface when they
are too large. Try changing the size cutoff and see if you get better
results. I guess you could also edit the script and change the cutoff
logic if you don't like the one I have.

Did you actually generate any surfaces successfully with my script?
That wasn't clear.