From: Christian Simon (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 13:43:23 CDT

Hi John !

> In order to install VMD, do "make install", not just "make".
> Since you're using the binary distributions, a regulard "make" will
> fail, since source code isn't included with those files. I think if
> you just do "make install" your problem will be solved. I've just

I am sorry for this irrelevant remark (I have been doing so many install/uninstall
I probably get a bit confused...)

> sent a note to VMD-L this morning describing how to do the resource
> attachment for the native MacOS X version. Please let us know if you
> need more help with this. We're interested in any comments and feedback
> you have about this new native version of VMD. We have a lot of work
> left to do on it, but comments are welcome.

Here are my comments:
it is fast, GREAT, HUGE ! it seems to work. I am enthusiastic !
By the way, I now have my answer about the video card of the TiBook 800MHz:
it works great ! It faster than on every machine I have ever used
(ordinary Linux boxes)
My investment in this laptop is now fully justified !!

I will test it more intensively. Before I could get it running,
I have also tried the Mesa version. It "seems" to crash OroborOSX
(but not standalone XDarwin...). Since I install/disinstall X/wm etc... all
the time, maybe I missed something. But unless I am forced to, I do not
think I will ever use the Mesa version again !

Thank a lot for providing us so great tools !

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