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Ioan Kosztin and Klaus Schulten. Boundary integral method for stationary states of two-dimensional quantum systems. Int. J. of Modern Phys. C, 8:293-325, 1997.

KOSZ97 The boundary integral method for calculating the stationary states of a quantum particle in nano-devices and quantum billiards is presented in detail at an elementary level. According to the method, wave functions inside the domain of the device or billiard are expressed in terms of line integrals of the wave function and its normal derivative along the domain's boundary; the respective energy eigenvalues are obtained as the roots of Fredholm determinants. Numerical implementations of the method are described and applied to determine the energy level statistics of billiards with circular and stadium shapes and demonstrate the quantum mechanical characteristics of chaotic motion. The treatment of other examples as well as the advantages and limitations of the boundary integral method are discussed.

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