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Joachim Buhmann, Robert Divko, and Klaus Schulten. On sparsely coded associative memories. In L. Personnaz and G. Dreyfus, editors, Neural Networks: From Models to Applications, N'EURO '88, pp. 360-371. EZIDET, Paris, 1989.

BUHM89A A class of neural networks with adaptive threshold and global inhibitory interactions is proposed. The networks are capable of nearly optimal storage of sparsely coded patterns, i.e. patterns with low level of activity. We present a replica symmetric solution of the mean field equations for the noise free case. The network shows the following, remarkable properties: 1) For low level of activity a the storage capacity increases as -[a 1n a]-1; up to 0.38 bits/synapse can be stored. The network capacity approaches the theoretical upper bounds derived by Gardner (1988). 2) Spurious states representing superpositions of stored patterns can be suppressed by global inhibition; 3) The network is not opinionated, i.e. by assuming a state of low activity it categorizes respective inputs as not similar enough to any patterns stored.

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