Mail::SpamAssassin::UIUC is a project to connecting the CITES Spam Control (CSC) program, which runs on all mails sent to addreses (plus internal CITES mail servers like, and SpamAssassin, which is used at many smaller sites for all incoming mail. The goals were to a) make sure that the work from CITES' servers is not removed by SpamAssassin and b) hopefully use the information received from those servers as well.

This is a distribution of SpamAssassin that includes several new or modified files from the main build. Specifically:

  • lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/Plugin/
    Implements checking rules for the 'X-Spam-Score' and 'X-Spam-Details' headers that are added by the CSC service in "tag-and-forward" mode.
  • rules/
    Configuration file for SpamAssassin that actually tells the program to run the checks, and not delete the old headers. Note that the chosen score values were decided fairly arbitrarily, and will almost certainly change in between releases.
  • lib/Mail/SpamAssassin/
    Fixed bug in removing 'X-Spam' headers, which are used by CITES filtering.
  • lib/Mail/
    Updated version number, and ways of parsing it.

Full documentation is provided within the source code.


This package is based on SpamAssassin, and requres the same prerequisites as that package.


If you have questions regarding this software, please send email to CITES' project documentation is here.



Apache License 2.0