RS-232 projector control for Electrohome Marquee series projectors
Copyright 2001 Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois
(Serial I/O code Copyright 1997, John E. Stone)
John E. Stone ( ( (
  This is a simple package which implements the most basic functionality
for computer control of Electrohome (now Christie Digital) Marquee
series CRT projection systems.  This software was developed and tested
on a Model 8500LC Ultra projector, but should work on all of the 
Marquee projectors with RS-232 control inputs.  The sofware has been
tested to work on Sun workstations with Solaris, but should work on
any Unix system that supports the POSIX terminal I/O funcions.

Compiling the projector control program should be as simple
as running "make" in this directory.

To use the projector control program, just run the newly compiled
'projector' program with one of several arguments as below:
  projector serial-devicename  command1 command2 command3 ....  

Each of the commands specified are executed one-by-one in sequence
with a 1 second pause inserted between each command to give the projector
time to respond.

The available commands are:
   poweron - power on all projectors
  poweroff - power down all projectors
 standbyon - put all projectors on standby, offline
standbyoff - take all projectors off of standby, fully online

In our lab, we commonly use this sequence:
  projector /dev/ttyb poweron standbyoff

If you have questions or comments about this package please 
direct them to

  John E. Stone


If you have questions please send email to



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