VMD Linux XFree 4.x Installation Notes:

  • The XFree86 docs cover various info on checking your installation to make sure that the OpenGL/DRI support is working correctly. See their docs (www.xfree86.org) for more info.
  • In order to run VMD, you may have to have a Mesa 4.x RPM installed on your system. This is sometimes needed in order to get the GLU libraries on your system, which are needed by VMD. For Mesa, go to: www.mesa3d.org
  • In order to achieve hardware accelerated 3-D rendering, your video board must have an XFree 4.x "DRI" type video driver. Once you have an appropriate driver, you may need to set the board it to a particular video mode in order to enable the hardware acceleration features. The instructions that come with the video driver should mention what modes are fully accelerated.
  • A "Howto" on setting up stereo for VMD with NVidia cards