VMD 1.9.2 Gromacs plugin Update 1, Released 04/13/2015

This is the first plugin update for VMD 1.9.2. The release includes new and improved molecule file reader/writer plugins for several Gromacs files.

New and improved molfile plugins

  • Fixed several memory leaks and cases where memory corruption could occur with Gromacs related trajectory file formats, e.g. trr, xtc, gro, etc.

Installing the new plugins:

The link below will download the latest VMD 1.9.2-compatible Gromacs plugins for all of the supported platforms. Begin by manually unpacking this plugin distribution into a directory on your system. Once unpacked, you can use the new plugins either by copying in the new plugin files, thereby replacing the associated files in the plugin directory in your installed VMD distribution, or alternately by adding commands similar to the following examples, to your personal .vmdrc or vmd.rc file.

Unix and MacOS X .vmdrc additions:

menu main on
# Load the molecule file reader plugins from ~/plugins/....
# This command will evaluate to something like:
#   vmd_plugin_scandirectory   /users/johns/plugins/LINUXAMD64/molfile   *.so
vmd_plugin_scandirectory [file join $env(HOME) plugins [vmdinfo arch] molfile] *.so

Windows vmd.rc additions:
menu main on
# Load the molecule file reader plugins from c:/plugins
vmd_plugin_scandirectory   c:/plugins/WIN32/molfile   *.so

Newest VMD 1.9.2 Gromacs plugins for all platforms

Once unpacked, you may delete the subdirectories which correspond to OS platforms and computer architectures you don't need or use.