This plugin provides a very simple built-in text file viewer and editor for VMD. It can be used by other plugins in place of having to find a platform-specific text editor when one is needed.

Image of Text Editor
Text Editor Window
If you want to use multitext in your own plugin:

You would first need to get a handle to an instance of the text viewer/editor. There can be many editors open at once, so you can get a handle by doing:

set instancehandle [multitext ?reset|list? ]
   reset --- Ends instances and deletes all namespaces and instancehandles
   list  --- Returns list of all existing instancehandles
You can use the returned instancehandle to control the instance:
$instancehandle namespace --Returns the current namespace
$instancehandle newfile   --Clean out text window and start over
$instancehandle openfile 'arg' --Inserts text from arg filename
$instancehandle text 'string' --Inserts textstring in arg variable/literal
$instancehandle getWindowHandle --Get wm-ready handle, useful for Binding
$instancehandle quit      --Destroy the instance, delete all data etc
package require multitext

### Get a handle to a specific text editor window
set instancehandle [multitext ]

### Now we configure the instance

# Good for displaying long error messages...
$instancehandle text "This is the text"

# or
# if you want to actually edit contents of a file..
$instancehandle openfile "/tmp/filename.txt"

### Close the instance/destroy window
$instancehandle quit
If you want to retrieve the contents of the editor programatically, you can get a window handle which lets you know when the window has been destroyed.