This plugin reads Tinker files, a minimalistic plain text file format for storing molecular coordinates, bonds, angles, and torsions.

A brief summary of the format, as read by VMD follows:

    Tinker molecule file format:
    [ N ] ...             # of atoms, and molecule name
    idx1 atom1 x y z ...  atom index, followed by name, xyz coords,
    idx2 atom2 x y z ...  atom type index, bond, angle, torsion
    idx3 atomN x y z ... 
    Note that this plugin only reads the atom name and coordinate fields, 
    all other fields are ignored at present.


Tinker files can contain multiple timesteps. All timesteps, however have to have the same number of atoms. Also the atoms must be in the same order, only the first timestep will be used to read the element names. Only the coordinates will be read fom successive timesteps.

Unused Data
This plugin only reads the label and coordinates for each atom. Any additional data recorded for an atom is ignored.

Atom Count
VMD requires that the first non-comment line of the file contain the number of atoms.