The CloneRep plugin provides functionality to 'clone' the full set of representations from one molecule onto another. All previously existing visualizations are deleted. It also comes with a small GUI to perform the task without having to use the command line.

Text mode Interface:

The package is loaded by:

package require clonerep

and exports the tcl procedure ::CloneRep::clone_reps [>fromid<] [>toid<] for cloning representations. The fromid designates the molecule id from where the list of representations is taken from and toid the molecule id(s) where it is copied to. For the source also the symbolic value top is supported, representing the current top molecule, and for the target the symbolic entries, all, active, and displayed are available, representing all molecules or those with the corresponding status (excluding the source molecule id). When no arguments are provided they default to top and all, respectively.

Graphical Interface:

The graphical user interface has two pop-up lists that allow selecting the two molecule ids needed for the clone_reps command and the Clone button to execute the text mode script.


Axel Kohlmeyer. Support for symbolic molecule ids based on a patch by Luis Gracia.