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Q. Zhao, G. Sigalov, V. Dimitrov, B. Dorvel, U. Mirsaidov, S. Sligar, A. Aksimentiev, and G. Timp. Detecting SNPs using a synthetic nanopore. Nano Letters, 7:1680-1685, 2007. (PMC: 2565804)

ZHAO2007-AA We have discovered a voltage threshold for permeation through a synthetic nanopore of dsDNA bound to a restriction enzyme that depends on the sequence. molecular dynamic simulations reveal that the threshold is associated with a nanoNewton force required to rupture the DNA-protein complex. A single mutation in the recognition site for the restriction enzyme, i.e., a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), can easily be detected as a change in the threshold voltage. Consequently, by measuring the threshold voltage in a synthetic nanopore, it may be possible to discriminate between two variants of the same gene (alleles) that differ in one base.

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