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G. Sigalov, J. Comer, G. Timp, and A. Aksimentiev. Detection of DNA sequences using an alternating electric field in a nanopore capacitor. Nano Letters, 8:56-63, 2008. (PMC: 2588427)

SIGA2008-AA Molecular dynamics simulations revealed that back-and-forth motion of DNA strands through a 1-nm-diameter pore exhibits sequence-specific hysteresis that arises from the reorientation of the DNA bases in the nanopore constriction. Such hysteresis of the DNA motion results in detectable changes of the electrostatic potential at the electrodes of the nanopore capacitor and in a sequencespecific drift of the DNA strand under an oscillating transmembrane bias. A strategy for sequencing DNA using electric-field pulses is suggested.

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